Barunisnan of Orakandi Fair

The Spiritual man Hari chand Tagore was born in 1218 Bangla AD on the Mahabaruni day of Madhukrishna Tithi in the month of Chaitra in Saflidanga village.
Hari chand Tagore was the emancipator of the oppressed,neglected people. Around the birth date Hari Chand Tagore the Matua Community and various backward people of the society observe the bathing festival of Mahabaruni with devotion.
People from far-flung districts, including the south-western districts of the country and from various parts of India’s Neighboring countries ,including west Bengla,Assam Matua Community came to the Orakandi Hari temple, with waving red white Nishans playing Dhak-Dhol and Screeming Hori Name. (Horibol, Horibol , Horibol )

They walks under the burning sun,the suffer in hunger, they awake sleepless night only with enchanting the name of Hari they forget everything.

The worshiper come in front the idol of their Hori chand Tagore and his wife,They dance with the drams and want to forget the world.Their excitement increase with the bit.They start to cry remembering their past and greet their brothers .

The worships prepare for their holy bath.Their belive for virtue inspire them to collect the holy water after complete the bath in the pond and also they wish their dream will come true and all the sorrows will wash way.