Nature contains several canvases with culture and color. Growing
in such this kinda mood has a big impact in my career. Here I am
Tanmoy Das. I brought up in a family with a great era of art and
traditions around. That taught me to see colors in peoples smile
and their moves. I always love to spend my work time with people
of several community, either socially recognized or not.
Photography in my sense is a great part to preserve time through
our life journey.

A growing up in a small locality with vast
variations, I feel it’s my responsibility to preserve the time and
express it in my way. Everyday I start my journey to meet new
people, to meet new genre of community and search the natural
smile we have as a country. A human being containing the flow of
own family with cultural influences. It’s a responsibility to keep
them alive. I love to be a part of people’s emotions and their
unconditional love. I believe “Medium is not prior, love is most.”

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  • 3rd BPS International Photography Competition & Exhibition 2016.

  • Huangbai Mountain International photography China-2018.

  • Campina International Exhibition of Photography CIEP 2016,Romania.

  • 1st Psitions in the Delegation of The European Union 7th photo Exhibition.

  • 1st IPN International Photography of Nepal. HUMAN LIFE(FIAP RIBBON)&PHOTO TRAVEL(IPN RIBBON)

  • 1st Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit 2016.

  • 2nd Runner Up World Tourism day Photography Competition.

  • The Daily Star Celebrating Life Award-2016.

  • Photographic Society of America(PSA) 2017

  • CAS Photo Academy International Photo Contest 2018. Photo Journalism-Cas Merit Award(Madal).

  • Participation in the Ambassador’s International Ambassador’s contest in Iraq.(2019 Award Winner)