The Forest Goddess ( Vandevi) in Sundarban.

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world.The Sundarbans is located in the southestern region of Bangladesh.The Sundarbans have been formed over thousands of years due to inter-current flow along the Bay of Bangla and the sediments naturally separated from the upstream. Villagers who make their livelihood on the Sundarbans they live in villages bordering the forest. Forest Goddess is there to protect the people of the village.Local fisherman, bawalis ,mouals pray to the Goddess of the forest for their safety and also they are perform religious rituals before entering the forest.There is no so called mantra in this puja.Instead there is the panchali path of Devi(Goddess). The worship of Vandevi (Goddess) is the right of all women,men,caste religion etc.

According to folk belief ,worshiping goddess the Vandevi will protect the villagers from tigers and other ferocious animals.

Elderly people decorate the Goddess with various kinds of flowers and recite pachali. The worship of Vandevi ends by praising the goddess through the chanting of the goddess and then distributing prasad among all the devotess.